Team Name Manager Email Waiver Budget Waiver Priority Moves Trades
logo BC Bombers h2h--hidden----hidden--$9585 0
logo Dagoberto's Grand Team--hidden----hidden--$10010 0
logo G BROTHER™ Elephant--hidden----hidden--$991115 0
logo J's Fantastic Team--hidden----hidden--$055 0
logo james j's Slam-Dunk Team--hidden----hidden--$10092 0
logo Malcolm's Majestic Team--hidden----hidden--$100106 0
logo Mean Machine's Nifty Team--hidden----hidden--$10020 0
logo rich's Extraordinary Team--hidden----hidden--$6246 0
logo Temple of Doom--hidden----hidden--$8635 0
logo The Muscogee Okies--hidden----hidden--$901214 0
logo Uri's Unmatched Team--hidden----hidden--$10074 0
logo You Betts--hidden----hidden--$97612 0