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Team Name Manager Email Waiver Priority Moves Trades Last League Activity
logo Average Joe's--hidden----hidden--00 0 Sat Jan 28 11:07pm PST
logo Beat On The Brat*s--hidden----hidden--00 0 Sat Jan 28 11:37pm PST
logo Bound For Glory--hidden----hidden--00 0 Sun Jan 29 5:45am PST
logo Dakota's Boss Team--hidden----hidden--00 0 Mon Jan 30 10:43am PST
logo Good Music--hidden----hidden--00 0 Mon Jan 30 2:14pm PST
logo Nathan's Neat Team--hidden----hidden--00 0 Sat Jan 28 11:07pm PST
logo Screwballs--hidden----hidden--00 0 Thu Feb 2 3:25pm PST
logo Sean's Splendid Team--hidden----hidden--00 0 Tue Jan 31 12:38pm PST
logo Sons of Thunder II--hidden----hidden--00 0 Mon Jan 30 5:29am PST
logo Warning Track Power--hidden----hidden--00 0 Sun Jan 29 8:48am PST
logo Yahweh Bisons--hidden--Commissioner--hidden--00 0 Sat Jan 28 11:06pm PST
  • Commissioner League Commissioner
  • Co-Cmmissioner Co-Commissioner