Team Name Manager Email Waiver Priority Moves Trades Last League Activity
logo Amish Rake Fighters--hidden----hidden--40 0 Tue Apr 16 1:22pm PDT
logo B. Inge Drinking--hidden----hidden--86 0 Tue Apr 16 5:22pm PDT
logo Bases Loaded--hidden----hidden--24 0 Tue Apr 16 9:08am PDT
logo Bases Loaded Customer Svc Mgr--hidden----hidden--910 0 Tue Apr 16 12:53pm PDT
logo Crusaders--hidden----hidden--78 0 Tue Apr 16 6:01pm PDT
logo Hitters & Bangers--hidden--Commissioner--hidden--67 0 Tue Apr 16 8:31am PDT
logo Lieutenant Dansby--hidden----hidden--14 0 Tue Apr 16 7:36am PDT
logo Pickle the Beast--hidden----hidden--114 0 Tue Apr 16 6:09pm PDT
logo Prestige Worldwide--hidden----hidden--34 0 Tue Apr 16 3:45am PDT
logo Richmond Roosters--hidden----hidden--514 0 Tue Apr 16 8:12pm PDT
logo STEEL CITY BUCS--hidden----hidden--127 0 Tue Apr 16 3:40pm PDT
logo The Mighty Casey’s--hidden----hidden--105 0 Mon Apr 15 9:48am PDT
  • Commissioner League Commissioner
  • Co-Cmmissioner Co-Commissioner