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Top Headlines

  • Blue Jays could make a major pitching splash

    The Blue Jays have some financial flexibility after trading Teoscar Hernandez. Will they use that windfall to acquire an elite starting pitcher?

  • Bauer loses 2 rulings in sex assault case

    A judge ruled that a San Diego woman can continue her sexual assault lawsuit against Trevor Bauer, and dismissed a countersuit he filed against one of her former attorneys.

  • Bryce Harper undergoes Tommy John surgery

    The Philadelphia Phillies star's procedure apparently went “very well,” and the team is tentatively targeting his return for mid-May.

  • Sources: Giants hoped for Curry-Judge meeting

    The Giants became the first known team other than the Yankees to meet with Aaron Judge this offseason, and wanted him to meet the Bay Area's other megastar.

  • How MLB can make its offseason more exciting

    Remember when the MLB "hot stove" was actually something fans cared about? The lack of buzz around the offseason needs fixing to keep the sport relevant.

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Important Game Dates

  • Default Trade Deadline: Thursday, Aug 11
  • Default Playoffs Start: Monday, Sep 12
  • Default Playoffs End: Wednesday, Oct 5
  • Season End: Wednesday, Oct 5

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