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Mock Draft Report Card

Practice makes perfect. Mock draft on Yahoo and receive grades and analysis on your strategy.

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Mock Draft Lobbies

Rooms Draft Position
Start Time Type 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
2 mins (11:52 PST) Basket Catch 2251315 Roto
lenny ragaglia
Anthony Ragaglia
2 mins (11:52 PST) Eephus Pitch 2251318 Roto
2 mins (11:52 PST) Baltimore Chop 2251321 Roto
2 mins (11:52 PST) On Deck Circle 2251322 H2H
2 mins (11:52 PST) Triple Play 2251325 H2H
2 mins (11:52 PST) The Wave 2251328 H2H
H2H (Head-to-Head)
- Teams compile a win-loss record based on statistical results of weekly matchups against single opponents
Roto (Rotisserie)
- Standings are based on the sum of each team's rank in several statistical categories over the entire season
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